In attendance: Meg Tivey, Meghan, Suzi, Ben, Autumn, Lea, Genevieve


Absent: Eeshan, Ian, Mallory

  • Conversation with Meg Tivey about diversity and inclusion initiatives
    1. Discussed actions taken since the last winter meeting
    2. Discussed diversity and inclusion report
      1. Overview on the background of the committee and report
      2. Report was finishing and each institution decided how to release the report
      3. Meg will ask them to link the report on the webpage
      4. Mark has been instituting requirements for posted positions
      5. Autumn recommended sharing postings on twitter
    3. Meg’s request for help with report
      1. Wall art
      2. Creating affinity groups (employee resource groups)
      3. Encourage participation for diversity-based events
      4. Creating grass roots organization
    4. Student/APO actions on D&I
      1. Meg is working on mentoring and recruitment
      2. Asking about point contact at MIT for diversity
      3. Flyers sent to office of diversity at all institutions
      4. Autumn commented on twitter potential
      5. PRIDE (peer resource for diversity excellence) - sending to Gloria (can we post on official MIT website?) otherwise we could put it on the JP webpage
      6. Meg has met with students about ad hoc committee to discuss recruitment and diversity and initiative
    5. Students need to think about whether we should focus on international diversity or US residents (NSF definitions)
    6. Discussion about recruitment strategies
      1. CAISE NSF funding
      2. JP ambassadors program (rebranding talking with the communications department); Highlight that you’re paid well to go to school; AGI diversity data
  • Social media specialist update (Autumn Brown – WHOI’s social media specialist)
    1. Informal science and diversity
    2. She will see anything that is @WHOI on twitter
      1. She will share anything that includes images
      2. Take into account safety when posting pictures
    3. Standardized hashtag MIT_WHOI (can retroactively tag posts)
    4. December 6 2-4 pm - Social Media Workshop and Panel (WHOI)
    5. Contact Autumn when exciting content or events happen
  • Discussion about funding events
    1. BIG Event
    2. D&D Event
  • Julia will check with Kris about the letter (we need to know when we will submit)